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my undercut is a little high ....

but i 'll get used to it... it 'll be easier to braid plastic tubing in
yay nightmare beats tonite :)
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i was like that for a little bit when i first did mine high, but now i've found the benefits of it hardly takes any time to put extentions in, and you can do foam, and tubing and mohawks and everything!
yeah thats the way im looking at it now ... lots of plastic tubing for my hair :) bad time to do it tho its getting freezing
yeah, but you can always use wool, and do tiny sections, and tie more on, and have HUGE hair, thats so soft and warm! or grin and bare it like i keep doing.
i just took out my colinette extensions and i loved it but it left my hair all crappy n very tangly cos of all the little bits of wool. it's a real bitch to take out >:(
i know. i'm being foolish and putting wool in now. not planning on leaving it in too long tho, as its red, and i rarely wear red. i only want it for tonight.
why not make falls instead??? what u hate bout having having semi-permanent hair is that u cant change as often iv gotta have different hair every weekend depending on what i not that
sounds just like me. at the moment, i tend to change my hair twice a week (something to go with what i wear at the weekend, and normally dreads during the week)

i would have made falls, but i already had plain red wool, which i've (attempted to) cornrow into the front, and gonna do wraps at the back. should hopefully work. got about 2hours to complete it tho, oh dear!
sounds quite cool wanna see some pics :)
i think my eyebrows take longer to do than my hair especially if they are a stupid colour as opposed to black
i hate drawing my brows on. i can always get one just how i want it, and the other is always slightly too long, or too short, or slightly above or below the other one. also, the whole waking up and having to draw em on before anyone sees me (i look awful without them)
lol my flatmates are used to it now but at first it used to shock them + they used to find it quite amusing but it so much better than having real eyebrows
i hated my real brows, i had a small scar in part of one so the hair never grew there anyway. i've had people ask if they can touch my fake brows before! they wanted to know what it felt like! strange people.
that was meant to say what i hate about extensions lol
Moan Moan Moan :)
I don't know, you're the one that said you wanted it that high, don't you dare try to pin this on me or i will rub off one of your eyebrows as you sleep!

Hee hee :)
no!! not my eyebrows!!!
As if i'd do some thing that mean to you *wink*